Goldcoin Goes Live on Bitibu Cryptocurrency Exchange

Goldcoin Goes Live on Bitibu Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitibu Lists Goldcoin (GLD), Making Life More Convenient for Traders

Calgary, AB -May 5, 2018 – In the continuation of its mission to become more accessible to more people, Goldcoin (GLD) secured a new partnership with Bitibu. Users can now leverage the Bitibu exchange to buy and sell GLD, and if early feedback is to be believed, this is definitely a positive development.

Bitibu is a multi-coin trading platform that boasts a straightforward, data-oriented dashboard that’s certain to appeal to serious traders. Although the Goldcoin protocol was specifically designed to serve as a value store, the inherent stability of its underlying technology makes GLD an enticing component of altcoin trading pairs.

The Goldcoin listing isn’t just good for Goldcoin. Bitibu users can buy or sell GLD alongside US dollars or a spectrum of crypto luminaries, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Atom, Dogecoin, Etherium and more. With the power to place orders, trade and track cryptocurrency performance, the listing makes GLD more viable for those seeking to manage their wealth freely. Multiple fund deposit options and free account creation are also important perks for those who like the ease of digital, trade-anywhere platforms without the bloat and a limited number of altcoin options that plague certain sites.

“Goldcoin already appeals to those who prefer asset security,” said noted community member Albert Milligan. “Going beyond the fact that Bitibu is a smooth, easy-to-use platform, the fact that it houses the majority of its digital assets in secure cold storage makes it unique and strengthens the Goldcoin ecosystem. Giving traders a more secure way to use GLD will ultimately be good for the coin’s adoption rate and price.”

Although online wallets aren’t the crypto vehicle of choice for everyone, those who use them definitely appreciate solid software and visualization tools that make it easier to understand the factors behind trade decisions. For those just getting started, Bitibu’s low barrier to entry should make the GLD experience even more rewarding.

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