Goldcoin (GLC) and Loanplus Revolutionize Lending with Crypto as Collateral for Borrowing

Goldcoin (GLC) and Loanplus Revolutionize Lending with Crypto as Collateral for Borrowing

NEW YORK, NY, May 06, 2019 — GoldCoin is one cryptocurrency that is accepted by Loanplus as a stable source of collateral within their lending platform. The lending is via Loanplus, but the partnership gives those with a GoldCoin portfolio access to funding that is both quick and anonymous. One significant change that address past issues with lending using cryptocurrency as collateral is that under the new approach, the crypto portfolio is held intact. It does not need to be liquified to use it as funding. This means that the borrower not only has access to funding but that their GoldCoin portfolio remains untapped so long as the loan is paid as agreed in its terms.

The Power of Partnerships

GoldCoin continues to leverage the power of smart partnerships to enhance the value of its cryptocurrency for its member community. The latest is a partnership with Loanplus which now allows anonymous loans with short application times when the patron uses a GoldCoin portfolio as collateral. That power reaches down into the trading community and will enable players of all sizes to have access to funds when they qualify. The upswing of this partnership is that the crypto portfolio does not need to be liquified for a lending relationship to occur. What this means is that the borrower can obtain instant funding without losing their crypto portfolio.

GoldCoin as collateral

A GoldCoin portfolio can now be the collateral that powers your business. No need to wonder what’s in your wallet when you can apply for lending instantly and anonymously. That’s the power of GoldCoin and the power of partnerships. There is no lengthy application, hefty review of credit scores, or even a reason why the loan is needed. This type of lending revolutionizes access to cash without decimating the crypto portfolio. That’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

The current partnership between GoldCoin and Loanplus is an example of the forward-thinking strategies employed by GoldCoin. The leadership team continues to seek qualified partnerships that offer minimal risk and plenty of rewards. Such relationships are a win-win for GoldCoin, its’ expanding community, and for the partners. GoldCoin sees partnerships as a powerful way to enhance their platform and provide benefits to their growing community.

Far-Seeing Impacts

One of the main reasons that new businesses fail is due to cash flow problems and lack of access to funding. That scenario is fixable, and GoldCoin is moving forward to help address access to quick funding via smart, modern loans that use real-world options to help fund projects, expansion, and uncover opportunity for personal and business players regardless of their model or credit.

GoldCoin is open to discussing additional partnerships with like-minded companies. Reach out to the GoldCoin Team for further information.

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