On the Lead!!!! Activities Earmarking GoldCoin’s 2019 Takeoff Plan- Recap on RBH

On the Lead!!!! Activities Earmarking GoldCoin’s 2019 Takeoff Plan- Recap on RBH

Episode Intro:

Today’s review of the GoldCoin’s Diary will concentrate on docketing the various formidable activities and strategies laid by the GoldCoin team and the general community, as part of the community’s preparation for takeoff in the year 2019.
As the old adage goes, “in the dance square of the dogs, monkeys have no business to transact, else they will count less of their numbers”. YES! It is clear this year has witnessed the extinction of so many cryptocurrencies, all because they appeared in a space that they didn’t possess the matching skills to fit. The cryptospace has come to reach a stage where only real players with real products, strategies, and brand/protocol can survive, that is why GoldCoin always position itself in the midst of what it takes to stay and grow. In Today’s Diary, I will present a recap of some of the few related development issues regarding REVERSE BITCOIN HARDFORK that have transpired in the Goldcoin community for the past weeks.

Development Issues Relating to Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork (RBH)

Starting the year in the goldcoin community was the colloquy regarding the REVERSE BITCOIN HARDFORK., a disruptive tech fork that seeks to merge the fractured Bitcoin chain and the Goldcoin into one unified and comprehensive chain, which will become the new official GoldCoin chain, with interesting features such as; a 32MB Block size, over 10million free transactions daily, both On-chain and Off-chain scaling and many others. For details about the RBH Please read this medium article https://medium.com/@microguy/bitcoin-fs-the-bitcoin-the-world-was-promised-a445bcef8fc0 by @Microguy OR checkout the RBH Faq on https://www.goldcoin.org/fork_faq.html

Post-RBH Code Base Design

Upon the successful completion of the RBH Code base, the legendary developer (Peter Bushnell) indicated to the entire community that all preliminary work on the GoldCoin Reverse Hard Fork was completed, and has culminated in a fully working mainnet client. This rose a lot of excitement among GoldCoin communities.

However, after this announcement, several weeks pass by with only “behind the technical scene” apps integration, which kept the community members on tenterhooks as to whether RBH will ever see the light of the day, in an attempt to clear this ambivalences took them to ask several questions and some reached out to Peter Bushnell to provide confirmation on the status of the RBH development. Bushnell responses captures the following;   https://twitter.com/bushstar/status/1143414850468663296?s=19


Next on the row was the demand from the community members for the team to provide details on the exact month and date of the RBH release, for which the GoldCoin community technical lead responded the developers are just few weeks away from coming out with the  month and date of the release. This words from the community technical has been strengthened with another statement that indicated the appropriate block height for the RBH release will be announced this week, keep your fingers crossed.


At the moment, the RBH Testnet client is running and the RBH Android wallet is also at the verge of completion, as indicated here https://twitter.com/goldcoin/status/1145066854668480512?s=19  Hence, the entire goldcoin community and the general RBH fans are now certain the RBH will be launch in quarter as promised, since we now close to announcing the specific month, date and block height for the disruptive fork in the history of cryptocurrency. So the question now is, “who will do investment procrastination in order to lose out?” As the current community lead always says “tighten your seat belt, the flight is ready (Dr. Captain G.)

Stay tune and join the GoldCoin community in our journey towards the creation of a full scale Bitcoin for the world. Watch out for the next post on the “shifting the marketing thrill, a non-negotiable adventure by the GoldCoin team”.


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