GoldCoin's Diary Today: Maintaining the focus, GoldCoin on new Marketing Agenda

GoldCoin's Diary Today: Maintaining the focus, GoldCoin on new Marketing Agenda

Intro Session:

The journey to the Top of CMC by the year end, as anticipated by the goldcoin community is receiving a touch of reality with the new synergized marketing efforts by the GoldCoin team. In this Episode of the GoldCoin’s Diary, I am going to throw more light on some of the recent marketing activities that the GoldCoin team has brought to play in their quest to provoke mainstream adoption across the globe.


Goldcoin Organized A Major Conference For Middle Income Class People And Entrepreneurs

GoldCoin on the 28th of June, 2019 organized a conference in Ghana West-Africa, in which over 60 middle income earners, entrepreneurs and business people were engaged and got educated about Blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution and the unique features of GoldCoin. Ibn Adam (GoldCoin Team Member) took the crowd to a point of amazement when he mentioned the Bitcoin Reverse HardFork, and its potentials to wage a positive disruption in the cryptocurrency arena. Majority of the attendees focus was on how Goldcoin can be used as a medium of exchange in the market, especially when buying a commodity like bread? The presenter  (Ibn) indicated the Goldcoin Team is working assiduously to ensure global broad base merchant adoption that will lead to a sprawl in use case for GoldCoin.

This he said GoldCoin is on the couse to develop a full merchant-market center which will be hosted on
Attendees expressed a high level of interest in the GoldCoin brand and we expect a lot of them to get enrolled as we gear towards building a solid product that will continue to meet market demand. Pictorial views of the conference excerpts are paraded below.


Microguy was hosted on some exclusive Interviews by Lisa Mighty and Rice Crypto Respectively

@microguy (GoldCoin Chief Scientist) had the privilege to be hosted in exclusive interviews by @risecrypto and @lisamightydavis, in which he shared more light in his cryptocurrency journey and the historical tandem of GoldCoin. Another subject that received extensive discourse was the most awaited and technological disruptive invention “the Bbitcoin Reverse Hardfork” that the GolCoin team is preparing to release within this quarter 3 of the year 2019.
For more info on the content of the interviews that @microguy was granted, please click through this links,
Interview with Lisa at
Interview with Rice Crypto at

The Goldcoin community has several marketing efforts that are yet to be rolled out.
Ibn once again will engage another group of people in a major conference in this July and GoldCoin has maiden spot featured on cagechain 100th anniversary newsletter event in San Francisco in the United State. Several other interviews involving Microguy and influential hosts are on the timeline, stay tuned!!!!!!!