GoldCoin October Diary: RBH Count Down Rolling, as Marketing is blazing on fire, Bittrex to Part Ways With GoldCoin and Blockfinex listing coming soon

GoldCoin October Diary: RBH Count Down Rolling, as Marketing is blazing on fire, Bittrex to Part Ways With GoldCoin and Blockfinex listing coming soon

GOLDCOIN ACHIEVEMENTSOn this Episode of GoldCoin diary, expatiation will be tailored on the various top stories that have clouded the goldcoin community over the past few weeks. As likely as it may meets your anticipations, making up the updates include;

1. GoldCoin announced RBH release date

2. GoldCoin adds fireworks to their marketing arm

3. Bittrex to delist GoldCoin: what should be expected

4. Blockfinex to list GoldCoin as a premiere coin upon launch

GoldCoin announced RBH launch date

The GoldCoin community finally sets November 11th, 2019 popularly known as 11/11 as the date to launch the “Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork”.

Brief Background: The GoldCoin community for the past few months has embarked on a painstaking effort, geared towards breathing hope and reality into the original vision Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned for Bitcoin.

The community landed the “Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork (RBH) concept” as a promising scale to stage, in order to technically mend the fragmented protocol that Bitcoin is currently cementing on.

This vision by GoldCoin will be tabled to reality by building a merged protocol which will contain all the features that a perfect bitcoin should possessed as decreed by the legendary Satoshi. This features will include both on-chain and off-chain scaling, 32mb block size, 0Conf. transactions, Segwit free and many others.

The new merged chain will then become the official branded GoldCoin chain.Hence, fulfilling the quest of providing “an all enhanced-features-bitcoin” to the crypto world.

This dream is finally coming to live as the community  announced 11/11 to roll out the “RBH”.

More updates regarding the RBH launch is available on all the various GoldCoin official communication channels. Stay tuned!!!!

GoldCoin adds fireworks to the marketing arm:

The GoldCoin team is on the wake regarding marketing and promotions. Recently, a lot of prominent crypto influencers such as @Ricecrypto, @Starre @Pandorra and others have been invited to join the marketing and promotion team of GoldCoin. Pandora, a giveaway organizing expert, is currently running a Month long giveaway contest for GoldCoin. As Rice Crypto is also using his dominance in the space to promote GoldCoin in the cryptosphere.

“RBH should come to meet a firing GLC not a stumbling GLC” said a community member. Therefore, it is important marketing is at the core of GoldCoin’s priority, which indeed is in active motion.

Living no stone unturned, Goldcoin is going to stage “The Crypto 101 event with the living Arts Foundation in Candler, NC, United State, on Saturday 22nd October, 2019. This event is going to be a social and networking centered endeavor, where potential investors in the arena shall be on-boarded into GoldCoin. So those in the United state should save the date and spread the word. More details can be found on the Facebook page via

Still in the marketing docket, @microguy announced to the community about a special promotion exercise to be conducted by altilly exchange for GoldCoin starting Nov 1st to Nov 30th. All these packages are to ensure a market surge and sprawl for the “tomorrows bitcoin”. Stay tuned!!

Bittrex to delist GoldCoin

Quite coincidentally as it may appear, right after GoldCoin team came out with the official date to release the most awaited RBH, Bittrex exchange also announced GoldCoin will be delisted on their exchange platform on 11/10/2019.

Everybody is wondering; could this be that Bittrex is dogging a full scale Bitcoin or what?T his news came as a shock to all GoldCoin customers, which apparently caused a market bath.

A meeting scheduled between Greg Matthew (GoldCoin Chief Scientists) and Bittrex, to ascertain the cause for such an unpopular action proofed futile.

However, nothing comes as an  entirely negatively entity, since this action could mean a turning point for GLC.

Reliable sources hold it that, GoldCoin will become more scarce after Bittrex delist the digital asset, as lots of coins will be lost on the exchange, and this could trigger a price surge eventually.

However, every GoldCoin trader on Bittrex is advised by the team to withdraw their coins on the exchange in order to evict the lost. Since coin recovery on the exchange after the action will cost owners a 0.25btc to gain access to the GLC.

Blockfinex to list GoldCoin

Blockfinex is an ultra, secure, fast and safe cryptocurrency exchange tokenizing the world. The upcoming revolutionary exchange team announced the listing of GoldCoin as a premiere coin upon full launch on October 26th, 2019.

This news came as a spirit and hope lifting scaler to the hearts of GoldCoin lovers, following the Bittrex exchange ambush.

Founder of the exchange, Danny Oyekan believes Blockfinex will soon overtake Bittrex in terms of market volume.

Early registrations are ongoing on the site, which has super exciting offers for the early birds. For more info on Blockfinex, pls visit their website on

Enjoying the gist? Hang on for our next update, and do not forget to load your GoldCoin wallet.